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Contact Us

Name : Nigel Plant, (Head Coach), FARS, BRSF and NCC licensed.
E mail :
Mobile : 07905273032

Telephone Numbers

Nigel Plant, (Head Coach) 07905273032
Patricia Whowell (Club Secretary) 07905273110

Marco Santucci

Marco Santucci, Italian Senior Artistic Skating ChampionMarco Santucci, Italian Seniors artistic champion, written for the Lincoln Artistic Roller Skating skaters

"Wearing skates it's part of my life. Something special that happens everyday. Gliding on the edge and skating as natural as breathing, although that's possible only after many years on the rink, it's worthing the pain. Because with the skates on I can free myself, expressing what I feel at best, fearless...

People ask me why I'm going on skating, why I'm doing that: I answer why would I stop something that makes me feel special. That makes me feel "the only one", if just for a little moment in all my life. I spent my day trying to get closer to my limits, reaching and finally moving them farther. Untill the spark of ambition will light in me I'll never give up: simply because that's me.

I'm not jumping.. That's trying to fly.."

What People Say About Skating At LARS

'Its not trying to jump.... Its learning to fly...'

'The only thing that keeps my life turning is my wheel'

'Learning to skate is like trying to walk up a steep hill, every step has to be thought of and planned but when you get to the top.... Boy is the run down exciting...... wwwhhhhoooosssshhhh'

'I have tried many different ways of skating but this club gets you there faster than any other. It is simple and staight forward. I learnt the basics and then when i had put them together the harder things became alot easier'

'Nothing beats the feeling of doing that element that you have worked on for months. The adrenalin flows and wow you get there......'

'Skating, its like flying without wings.'

'This is just what Lincoln needs, a place where people can learn to skate and have a great time..... I can't wait to go on a course.'

'There's nothing quite like gliding across the floor on my skates. It gives me such a buzz, all i want to do is skate.'

'I think eat, sleep and dream skating. Its my life'

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