Code of Conduct

LARS aims to be a fun and safe place for people to learn to skate.  Below are the ground rules that we ask people to abide by.


Frequently asked questions

Can I wear pads, guards and helmets ?

Yes you are able to wear pads, guards and helmets, however if the skater is to progress in artistic skating these items will be restrictive, therefore we do not recommend them.

Can my parents/carers help me to skate at LARS ?

No, we ask parents/carers not to try to help their children to skate during the sessions. It is important that skaters learn not to depend on others whilst learning, therefore we ask for parents/carers to remain in the 'safe zone' during the session.

Will I fall over and get hurt ?

More than likely you will fall over but at LARS your safety is our prime concern. We use teaching aids and techniques than minimise the possibility of injuries.

Do you provide skates for hire ?

We offer a skate hire service, please provide LARS with your shoe size so that we can make sure we have skates in your size.

Do I have to be a member to skate at LARS ?

LARS is an artistic roller skating club. As a club we hold open sessions that you can come to in order to practise your skating skills. However if you wish to attend on a regular basis then club membership is required.

If you have any questions that are not covered above then please feel free to use our enquiry form. 

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