Federation of Artistic Roller Skating
Discipline Based Grades

In addition to the 6 basic grades the club also offers further free skating discipline specific grades.

Basic skills - Free

Grade 7 Free

  • Perform a back inside spin exercise: from a stationary position, one rotation finishing with a stop.
  • Perform a spead movement in both directions for at least 4 meters across the rink with feet spread apart.
  • Simple 2 foot jumps;
    • turning from forward to backward
    • turning from backward to forward.

Grade 8 Free

  • Perform a back inside spin from a three turn preparation (2 controlled rotations).
  • Continuous back pulls in a circle:
    • clockwise
    • anti-clockwise.
  • Perform a simple step sequence to cover a minmum of 6 meters.

Grade 9 Free

  • Perform a backward arabesque on alternated feet - free leg hip high.
  • Perform a three jump, taking off and landing on the correct edges.
  • A simple one minute free programme to music, to include the following elements:
    • spread
    • bi spin (2 revs)
    • backpulls
    • step sequence
    • arabesques: forwards & backwards
    • three jump.
*Tests in Basic Skills Free Grades 7, 8 & 9 must be judged by a FARS Judge

Federation of Artistic Roller Skating advanced tests

Any skaters who are successful in completing the basic skills grades can go on to complete the Fars advanced test schedule.

Clicking on the following link will redirect you to the Fars web site containing information on the schedule.

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